Kim Kardashian Workout Routine

Kim Kardashian Workout Routine

[ads1 id=”alignright”]Despite the shape and size differences between the Kardashians, the one thing they all have in common is their healthy-looking physique, which they all owe to their personal trainer Gunnar Peterson.

In the past, Gunnar has worked with several other Hollywood stars like Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Lopez.

Last year, he did something unexpected by revealing the secrets of the workout routine of one particular reality star who has become renowned for her hourglass figure and bountiful buttocks – Kim Kardashian.

While Gunnar has admitted that Kim has a remarkably strenuous and tough workout routine, he also claims that her genetic makeup has also contributed to her current physique. Nonetheless, despite her apparently short stature, her routine includes exercises like deadlifts, lunges, sleds, and squats.

Gunnar claims that Kim trains and works very hard, whether she is in or out of the gym, and pretty much everyone who has seen the starlet in a swimming suite can confirm that her hard work pays off. Gunnar also helped Kim lose her post-pregnancy fat after she had her baby.

Kim herself often talks about her workout sessions, claiming that fitness is her passion. According to Gunnar, even Kanye West joins Kim at the gym as often as he has the chance. Gunnar Peterson has also revealed that Kim’s workout routine is divided into morning workouts and nighttime workouts.

Her morning workouts include cardiovascular exercise and running on the treadmill. Cardio intervals that Kim alternates between focus on her abs, lower body and upper body. Apart from providing her with an adrenaline rush, this is the reason she does not gain weight and her muscles are so toned.

Similarly, her nighttime routine includes either Pilates or strength training. Apparently, thrice a week she completes strength training circuits. Curls, lunges, high kicks, push-ups, shoulder presses, squats and other strength training exercises are a part of the circuit. Kim also dances quite often, does jumping jacks and jumps ropes whenever she can in order to help her burn fat and keep her body in shape.

It is a well-known fact Kim Kardashian takes immense pride in her curves, and she encourages girls who actually have curves to embrace theirs as well. After all, Kim Kardashian’s workout routine is proof enough that getting curves like hers is not an easy task, and she herself claims, “It’s important to work out as often as possible.”