Miley Cyrus Workout Routine

miley cyrus doing yoga in bikini at the beach

Miley Cyrus Workout Routine

[ads1 id=”alignright”]Miley Cyrus has grown up to be a very attractive young woman, but you cannot achieve a body such as hers by sitting on your butt every day.

A body like Miley’s is a work of art, and like any work of art, it needs chiseling. Some people are born with their figure, well Miley had to work for hers pretty hard.

From daily workouts to special diets, Miley does everything in her power to maintain a fit body, and judging by her ‘Wrecking Ball’ video, it would be safe to say that whatever she’s doing works very well.

First of all, Miley is a big fan of Pilates, and will incorporate them into her workout on a daily basis. Although the young singer enjoys other physically challenging activities like cycling and dancing, she is extremely disciplined about her workout routines. In fact, Miley does Pilates 6 days a week for about 1 hour every day. For those of you who are unaware, Pilates can strengthen abdominal muscles while toning the stomach muscles to a perfect stretch. Another great thing about Pilates training is that they can last as long as you want them to last, as there is no real time limit to how much training you can do.

Actually, here is what Miley does during her Pilates workout, and what you should be doing as well:

  • Sit tall on your sit bones. The starting position is essential, as it defines the amount of effort you will be required to put in.
  • Pull both feet towards the body. While doing this, make sure that your knees are open and your feet are together. Now move your arms towards the inside of your legs and hold your ankles.
  • Pull the abs in by lifting the lower abs.
  • Stretch out one of your legs and maintain the position. Now, stretch the other leg as well while making sure that you don’t sit on the tail bone. This can not only render the workout painful, but it can also damage your tail bone.
  • Maintain this position for at least 5 seconds before letting go.
  • Fold your legs one at a time.
  • Make sure that your posture is perfect before repeating the process.

Miley does this for at least one hour every day and just look at how good she looks. According to her trainer Mari Winsor, Miley works very hard during her workouts, even calling her a ‘fitness freak’ for her commitment.

When she’s not doing Pilates, Miley likes to practice her dancing routines, which are a workout routine in their own right. Furthermore, Miley absolutely loves cycling and will cycle at every chance she gets. Cycling, of course, provides great toning and coordination between body parts, among many other physical benefits.


Miley also loves yoga. So much actually, that she incorporates yoga sessions into her daily workout routine. As a matter of fact, Miley herself said in an interview that she owes her toned body to yoga sessions, as they compliment her Pilates training perfectly.