Melinda Clarke Plastic Surgery Before and After

[ads1 id=”alignright”]The beautiful Melinda Clarke looks absolutely gorgeous these days, which is somehow strange for someone born in 1969.

Despite not getting any younger, Melinda refuses to show any signs of aging, which is why people started talking about a possible cosmetic procedure she might have had.

In all fairness, to look as well as Melinda Clarke does despite her age, one simple procedure might not have been enough.

Rumor has it that Melinda Clarke went under the knife at least once over the years, and even though they weren’t invasive procedures, they were enough to alter her looks a bit.

By most accounts, Melinda has been sustaining her youthful look with the help of filler shots like Juverderm to replace her natural collagen.

Most women her age show signs of aging caused by the erosion of internal bone structure, especially around the cheeks. Not Melinda Clarke, however, a woman who appears to have not only maintained her natural good looks, but strangely enough, actually improved them.

Melinda Clarke Plastic Surgery Before and After

When comparing older pictures of Melinda Clarke with pictures of her today, it becomes somehow clear that she went under the knife at least once throughout the years. It does seem that she had work done on her cheeks and jaw at some point, even though whatever changes she suffered were indeed minor.

Not to say that Melinda Clarke isn’t a beautiful woman, far from it, it’s just that some of her features seem unnaturally young. We all heard about wonder diets and how well a healthy diet can make a person look and feel, but we somehow feel this isn’t the case with Melinda.

The surprising lack of wrinkles on Melinda’s face makes us think that she had Botox injected into her face repeatedly throughout the years, along with Juverderm and a couple of other similar facial fillers.

This being said, it also appears that her cheeks are a bit plump, which according to plastic surgeon Dr. Jonathan Hall, might be a result of HA fillers like Restylane.

Like we said, it is quite obvious at this point that Melinda Clarke has had a bit of help from the plastic surgery fairy over the years.

All in all, whatever cosmetic procedures Melinda Clarke had over time obviously helped her maintain her already good looks so good for her.

Some celebrities do tend to go overboard when it comes to facial fillers but not Melinda. Everything she did was moderate and in good taste, which is why her alleged facial fillers are so discreet to begin with.