Pamela Anderson Breast Implants Plastic Surgery Before and After

[ads1 id=”alignright”]Pamela Anderson’s rise to fame occurred in the early 1990s after she appeared in Playboy pictorials.

For obvious reasons, the first thing readers noticed were her massive breasts. Pamela later shocked everyone when she had her breast implants removed in 1999.

Naturally, people could not help but wonder whether Pamela would even be able to maintain her fame without her gargantuan assets.

It did not take her more than 5 years to want to regain her previously huge breast proportions and so she underwent breast augmentation again in 2004.

In the same year, she even bared her once-again huge pair in topless spreads in GQ, Playboy, and Stuff magazines.

Rumors had already begun spreading about Pamela’s breast augmentation surgery and in January 2005, Pamela herself confirmed that she had indeed gotten new breast implants. Pamela claimed that without her massive breasts, she did not feel like herself. It was even more shocking when she revealed that she had actually gotten even bigger breast implants than her previous ones.

Pamela Anderson Breast Implants Plastic Surgery Before and After

Pamela Anderson Breast Implants Plastic Surgery Before and After

The buxom beauty is now 47 years old, so it is not surprising that her face now exhibits plenty of signs of aging. However, many believe that her face even exhibits signs she may have undergone facial cosmetic procedures, such as getting Botox injected into her forehead and Juvederm filler injected into her lips.

However, Pamela claims that regardless of the evidence, her face is apparently natural and no cosmetic surgery procedures have been performed on her face.

According to her, she does not have a cosmetic surgeon and she does not have a dermatologist. She has claimed that nothing has been “shot into [her] face.”

Recently, Pamela Anderson had also gotten the barbed wire tattoo removed, the tattoo that had been around her upper arm for many years was finally removed via laser tattoo removal.

Regardless of whether her face is indeed natural or not, at least she did come clean about the unnaturalness of her massive assets, but then again it was not like anyone would not notice.