Robin Wright Plastic Surgery Before and After Botox

[ads1 id=”alignright”]There have been rumors that 48-year old Robin Wright Penn may have had Botox or chemical peels in recent years since her skin has been unusually ageless and smooth as of lately.

It is somewhat of a mystery since Robin previously had fine lines and wrinkles, which seemed to have vanished all of a sudden.

Not so long ago, Robin actually revealed the truth about her moderate use of Botox, claiming that she undergoes the procedure selectively and twice a year.

In a recent interview, when she was asked about her Botox use, she openly admitted to using it because “[e]verybody does it.” When explaining her use of Botox twice
a year, she described it as a “sprinkle of Botox.”

She even claimed that most women do ten units of Botox, which leaves their face frozen and they are not able to move it. According to her, she just uses one unit “to take the edge off” her skin.

Robin Wright Plastic Surgery Before and After Botox

It cannot be denied, Robin’s use of Botox is probably minimal. Plenty of signs of Robin’s aging have probably noticed on House of Cards, which is perhaps a testament to the fact that she is somewhat natural. Most notably, wrinkles have are frequently seen on her face in the show. Moreover, Robin actually looks like a natural, older version of herself rather than a plasticized one.

Back in 2013, Robin Wright Penn had also suffered a wardrobe malfunction during her Emmy Awards speech. Her halter gown had shifted, almost revealing her boob and the flesh-colored pasties that covered her nipple.


Although the incident may have been embarrassing, it actually proved any breast augmentation rumors wrong. On the contrary, Robin’s breast seemed quite natural.


Perhaps Robin Wright Penn does not even need to undergo too many plastic surgery procedures. After all, she does Zumba, and is now dating Ben Foster, who is much younger than her, so she probably feels young enough at heart.