Paula Patton Plastic Surgery Before and After

[ads1 id=”alignright”]We all know how popular plastic surgery procedures are among Hollywood actresses and rumor has it that Paula Patton went under the knife as well.

Now in her 40s, the actress seems to have had concerns about the lucrative aspect of her career a few years back, seeing how demanding the business can be and how old actresses are treated these days.

It is for this purpose that she allegedly had work done on her face at least once over the years, procedures that have managed to more or less preserve her natural good looks.

Although not obvious, she apparently had a few procedures done in the past, not necessarily to improve her already dashing good looks but to preserve her beauty for as much as possible.

Paula Patton Plastic Surgery Before and After

This being said, there have been allegations that she had breast augmentation surgery at some point, even though she already had a generous bosom to begin with. It seems that her love for wearing revealing outfits got the best of her a few years ago when she allegedly decided to go through with the procedure.

If we are to compare older pictures of Paula Patton with pictures of her today, we see that not a lot has changed in terms of how she looks, which is exactly the problem. This because you would expect a woman her age to show signs of aging, whereas Paula’s face doesn’t show almost any wrinkles whatsoever.

Truth be told, Paula did her best to not overdo any procedure, which is always to be desired, especially nowadays when HD pictures can reveal almost any signs of foul play. Still, if she did have any procedures, she obviously didn’t go overboard because her appearance doesn’t seem to have changed that much over the years.

All things considered, Paula Patton may have had work done on her face over these past few years, but nothing major by the looks of things. Overall, it seems that she owes her smooth skin, few wrinkles, and no significant lines to speak of to not only Botox injections but to good genetics as well.