Ruby Rose Diet Plan

Ruby Rose Diet Plan

[ads1 id=”alignright”]Those of you who have watched ‘Orange Is the New Black’ will undoubtedly know what a good job Ruby Rose does as Stella Carlin and how amazingly good looking she is.

A body like hers, however, is obtained through lots of hard work and proper dieting, or at least that’s what nutritionists everywhere have been telling us for quite some time now.

The talented actress / TV Host has talked in great detail about her healthy lifestyle in a recent interview, claiming that she enjoys going to the gym as often as possible.

She actually goes to the gym 4 to 5 times a week, where she engages in cardio and weight training exercises designed to strengthen her core and provide her with a toned physique.

She also benefits from working out under the guidance of a personal trainer apparently, although she mostly prefers working out alone.

Ruby starts off her day with soy yogurt and bircher muesli which she often compliments with a glass of fresh juice. She then eats a salad for breakfast which she sometimes combines with a fish dish or raw vegetables.

For lunch, Ruby Rose prefers a mostly vegetarian dish, including curries and various soups. Between meals, however, Ruby enjoys snacking as often as possible, usually on fruits or carrot sticks. She sometimes compliments these snacks with some cheese although not often.

In the evening, she usually eats something light like salads or fruits. She also indulges in not-so-healthy snacks sometimes, but not chocolate for a while now due to her previous addiction to them.

Although not a big fan of dieting, Ruby eats mostly vegetarian food as often as possible. She also tried a raw vegan detox for one month a while ago, which resulted in a decreased appetite for alcohol and coffee.

Interestingly enough, she hasn’t given up on unhealthy food altogether, preferring to indulge in tasty snacking despite how unhealthy they are.

Whenever she eats more than she has to, however, Ruby claims to work out harder at the gym the following day to make up for it.

Last but not least, Ruby Rose loves chocolate too much not to eat it regularly, despite being somewhat allergic to refined sugars. Also, Ruby claims to have a weakness for green and peppermint tea for as long as she can remember.