Julia Roberts Diet Plan

Julia Roberts Diet Plan

[ads1 id=”alignright”]A legendary actress such as Julia Roberts doesn’t really need to be in her best shape to draw attention, yet she puts a lot of work into maintaining a healthy lifestyle and it shows.

While she does owe her good looks to a rigid workout routine before everything else, her diet plan definitely plays a major part in how she looks.

As we are about to find out, Julia does her best to adhere to her diet plan of sorts as much as she can, although she isn’t very strict about it.

First of all, Julia Roberts prefers to eat healthy food and teaches her kids to follow the same philosophy. With this in mind, she does her best to avoid fast food if she can help it, even though she won’t deny herself the joy of eating something tasty.

One important thing to mention about Julia’s eating habits is that she always stays away from alcohol. Not only does she avoid alcohol because it has a negative effect on her lucidity but also because of how bad it is for her skin.

This being said, Julia Roberts isn’t a fan of diets because she believes in eating healthy as often as you can. If not possible, she believes that you really shouldn’t stress yourself too much trying to adhere to a specific type of food, especially when you have a good idea about what is and what isn’t healthy for you.

At the same time, we should point out that Julia Roberts loves eating fresh vegetables on a regular basis as well as fruits. Furthermore, even if she stays away from junk food, she does enjoy the occasional ice cream if she’s in the right mood.

It also has to be said that on average, Julia drinks a lot more water than most people, which she claims does wonder for her hair and skin. In all fairness, the average person doesn’t drink nearly as much water as they should, so maybe Julia has a point there.

All things considered, Julia Roberts doesn’t really follow a strict diet plan like other celebrities but she does her best to eat plenty of healthy dishes that usually involve fresh fruits and vegetables. Still, she isn’t a big fan of diet plans per se, although she is almost religious about her water-drinking habits.