Julianne Moore Diet Plan

Julianne Moore Diet Plan

Julianne Moore Diet Plan

[ads1 id=”alignright”]Even at the age of 53, Julianne Moore, continues to look absolutely gorgeous, thanks to her dairy-free and sugar-free diet, as well as Ashtanga yoga workouts.

According to Julianne herself, her favorite workout is yoga, but she recently admitted that she has also been doing light weight-training as a part of her exercise routine.

Julianne apparently does Ashtanga yoga once to thrice every week and as of late, she even works out with a trainer, doing a lot of jumping and using light weights. Considering that she is 53, it is not surprising that Julianne admits to experiencing discomfort and pain if she keeps doing the same workouts six days straight.

Despite the fact that Julianne jokes about her being old, she certainly does not look as old as she is, all because of daily sunscreen use, good genes, and a healthy lifestyle. Beauty experts agree that not only can wrinkles be prevented by using sunscreen, but even skin cancer can be prevented too.

Julianne Moore’s healthy diet actually excludes alcohol, dairy and sugar consumption, but she admits to cheating at times. Julianne Moore, who is a mother of two children, apparently occasionally does juice cleanses too, especially prior to red-carpet events.

Julianne Moore is really careful about her diet, she mostly eats vegetables and tries her best not to eat sugar. She claims that she is able to be more “bendy” and flexible in yoga because of her diet. She indirectly also advises that people need to realize how important diet really is, and that things like alcohol, dairy and sugar tend to affect the body.

Julianne Moore eats all her dinners early, which is another secret of her healthy diet. She actually has dinner at 7:30, and she claims that if she could, she would have dinner at 5 every night. Julianne Moore almost never worries about getting older, and judging by how much care she takes of herself, she’ll be gorgeous for a long time still.