Amy Adams Beauty Routine

Amy Adams Beauty Routine

[ads1 id=”alignright”]You would expect someone as beautiful as Amy Adams to go through a rigorous beauty routine on a daily basis, yet as we are about to find out, she doesn’t really wear much makeup in her day-to-day life.

Some would argue that this is a good thing because it is a lot healthier in the long run, but movie stars don’t really have a choice in the matter most of the time.

Still, Amy does abide by certain beauty standards and does her best to use specific products that she swears by, products that have provided her with good results over the years.

First of all, Amy prefers to do her own hair as often as she can, although she sometimes needs the help of hairstylists like Renato Camporal before premieres. At the same time, she will work with makeup artist Stephen Sollitto before walking the red carpet, a partnership that has been going on for years now.

Interestingly enough, Amy Adams doesn’t use perfume all that much but she does have a few favorite fragrances she abides by whenever she attends a special occasion. One particular product she uses is Eau de Lacoste, which according to Amy, is very flexible and feels ‘clean’ on the skin.

Also worth mentioning is the fact that she is a big La Mer devotee, a product she has been using for quite some time. What she loves in particular about it is how effective it is at repairing the dryness of her skin, and the fact that it is a tinted moisturizer by nature certainly helps.

At this point, we should point out that Amy doesn’t use a lot of makeup on a daily basis, although she uses quite a lot when filming a project. For this purpose, she uses Dermalogica Ultracalming Cleanser to help keep her skin healthy because she has a very reactive skin.

Last but not least, Amy Adams is extremely careful about the products she puts on her skin and makes sure that they won’t have any side effects whatsoever. Like we said, she isn’t a big fan of wearing makeup, which is why she has to make sure to only use quality stuff when she does.