Shailene Woodley Beauty Routine

Shailene Woodley Beauty Routine

Shailene Woodley Beauty Routine

[ads1 id=”alignright”]While Shailene Woodley has cemented her “it girl” status after starring in “Divergent” and “The Fault in Our Stars”, she is becoming equally famous because of her passion for an all-natural lifestyle.

Apparently, her natural remedies are the secret behind her beauty — from eating clay to detox to pulling oil to getting some extra sunshine “everywhere.”

According to Shailene, clay is “one of the best things” people can eat. Apparently, she heard about eating clay from an African taxi driver and once one of her friends made clay toothpaste that could be swallowed instead of being spitted out.

She explains that clay is not absorbed by the body, and a negative charge is provided by it, causing it to bond to negative isotopes. She also eats clay because it detoxifies the body by helping flush out heavy metals.

Apparently, Shailene swishes coconut or sesame oil when she wakes up and then spits out the oil after a while, a folk remedy known as “oil pulling,” which she describes as “amazing.” She even advises others to do it for natural healing. According to her, it is great for teeth whitening because fat-soluble plaque gets dissolved by the lipids in the oil. Although both oils are good, she apparently uses sesame oil.

Shailene makes sure she spends plenty of time in the sunlight everyday to get enough natural vitamin D, which helps her external and internal health, as well as her skin, but that is not all. Apparently, she also likes to give her ladyparts a bit of vitamin D too, which she has laughing admitted. She believes, based on some research, that it helps her avoid genital issues like yeast infections. Shailene believes that people can recharge their energy levels by staying in the sun for an hour.

Surprisingly, Shailene Woodley only shampoos once a month. She also rarely uses soap, since it is artificial. She prefers dry brush and uses “natural, simple ingredient soap” when she is feeling really dirty.

Moreover, instead of using soap, she removes her makeup using oil. “Living Libations’ Seabuckthorn Best Skin Ever” is her favorite. Thus, no doubt, Shailene Woodley has quite an unusual beauty routine but her beauty can be taken as proof that her all-natural remedies and secrets apparently work.