Emma Watson Nose Job Plastic Surgery Before and After

[ads1 id=”alignright”]As one of the most desired young women in the world, Emma Watson was bound to get her fair share of unwanted attention at some point.

No matter how much of a saint she appears to be in the eyes of her fans, some of them have voiced their concerns over whether not she had a nose job recently.

From the look of things, these rumors seem to have very little substance, as Emma’s nose doesn’t really look artificial in any way, shape, or form.

Just because it is not obvious, however, doesn’t mean that she didn’t entertain the possibility of getting such a surgery, and if she did, it was a job very well done considering how inconspicuous it looks.

There is also a strong possibility that her accusers are naysayers and there is absolutely nothing wrong, or dubious with the way her nose looks like.

As popular as rhinoplasty may be nowadays, we find it hard to believe that someone as good looking as Emma Watson would consider going under the knife. Still, rumors about Emma Watson’s nose job have been going around for a while, and we think we know what started them. You see, older pictures of Emma Watson show her with a much wider nose, a nose that even though it didn’t change shape over time, did become smaller instead.

Emma Watson Nose Job Plastic Surgery Before and After

Emma Watson Nose Job Plastic Surgery Before and After

These rumors can be explained in a quite simple manner actually. Seeing how Emma used to be a successful child actor, the many pictures that were taken of her during those days captured the face of a much younger Emma, while her body was still developing.

This being said, it isn’t that unusual for a person’s nose to retain its features throughout puberty and even throughout their adult development. It therefore seems that it wasn’t her nose that changed sizes over time, but the rest of her developing body.

All things considered, Emma Watson didn’t really change anything about her appearance with the use of cosmetic surgery, but rather by simply growing up.

Emma herself even said that she has no insecurities whatsoever about her appearance, and that she isn’t a big fan of plastic surgery at all. If she had work done however, it was so well done that you can barely see any evidence of it.