Emma Watson Workout Routine

Emma Watson Workout Routine

Emma Watson Workout Routine

[ads1 id=”alignright”]There are many reasons why people love Emma Watson. The 25-year old actress is the epitome of young glamour.

However, whenever Emma sits down for an interview, she always ends up passing on some down-to-earth advice on how to lead a healthy life.

She has already expressed her hatred for fad diets, but she is a strong believer in regular exercise, and that is how she is in such good shape.

Flexibility and core training

Even though there is not much on her body that can be chiseled away, Emma Watson enjoys feeling flexible, which is the reason why she does Pilates every chance she gets. In fact, whenever Emma is in Los Angeles, she pays a visit to Mari Winsor, her Pilates instructor, every single day. There, she has one-hour sessions, during which she is fond of focusing her energy of making her core, glutes and thighs firmer. Pilates helped Emma create sexy ab muscles, and she doesn’t plan on stoping any time soon.

Mountains and stones

One particular activity that keeps Emma active and gives her a good workout is rock-climbing, and she visits the Chelsea piers in New York City to indulge in this activity. Since being in Hollywood does not leave her with much time to go outdoors, she keeps her blood flowing and keeps herself moving by taking long jogs or walks.

Stick to what you know

However, Emma admits that she isn’t doing much in terms of new workouts, other than what has been mentioned above. She is also getting into yoga. She likes it and knows that it is good for the body. Emma has also revealed that she does some meditation and strength training as well, though she is not fond of it, since she has revealed that she has to “lift stuff over [her] head,” though it “puts [her] in a bad mood.”

Her own way of doing things

As much as she loves working out, Emma absolutely despises Hollywood diets because of the limited choices and miniscule portion sizes. She prefers eating whatever she likes, and as long as she sticks to her workout routine, there’s no chance of her getting out of shape any time soon.