Here is Why Johnny Depp is one of the Nicest Guys in Show Business

Here is Why Johnny Depp is one of the Nicest Guys in Show Business

Johnny Depp

[ads1 id=”alignright”]It isn’t breaking news that fortune and fame gets to people’s heads at some point, but throughout the superficial world of show business, you will sometimes run across a guy like Johnny Depp.

Johnny has always been the type of guy you bring home to meet your family, or at least this is how people perceived him after seeing his movies and various press events.

Whether he is shooting a movie or giving an interview to a local TV station, Johnny always has that ‘look’ about him that he’s going to give you a hug if you ask him to do so. Interestingly enough, this is exactly how Johnny Depp is like in real life, a friendly, down-to-earth individuals, who goes out of his way to put a smile on people’s faces whenever he has the chance.

• He always travels with his ‘Jack Sparrow’ costume.

Johnny sometimes visits kiddie hospitals dressed up as Captain Jack Sparrow, and according to him, putting a smile on a sick child’s face is one of the best things in the world. These things are usually planned as short visits, although they sometimes take up to three hours of Captain Jack leading the kids through some sort of adventure.

This started more or less when a 9 years old girl wrote a letter to Jack Sparrow, asking him to help her and her classmates stage a mutiny against the teachers. Funny enough, Johnny decided to show up at the girl’s school dressed as Captain Jack and make her wish come true within reasonable terms.

• He once adopted a one-eyed horse that was about to be put down.

This was in 1990, when Johnny was filming ‘Sleepy Hollow”, a movie in which he rides a one-eye horse at some point. Upon finding out that they wanted to kill the horse and send it to a glue factory after they’ve finished filming, Johnny adopted the horse immediately.

• He recorded a voice message for a girl in a coma.

Johnny recorded a voice message for a 17 years old British girl in 2008, because her parents hoped that the girl will show signs of improvement upon hearing the voice of her favorite actor. This didn’t work out unfortunately, although the gesture speaks volumes about Johnny’s good nature.

• He once bought all crew members rain jackets.

While filming ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides’, Johnny spent $62,000 out of his own pocket in order to get rain jackets for everyone of the crew members. Apparently they were filming a scene when it started raining quite badly, forcing the crew to postpone the filming to another day.