Jaime Pressly Diet Plan

Jaime Pressly Diet Plan

Jaime Pressly Diet Plan

[ads1 id=”alignright”]Jaime Elizabeth Pressly is 32 years old but you wouldn’t believe it just by looking at her.

Best known for her role in the television comedy ‘My name is Earl’, she has one of the sexiest and hottest bodies in Hollywood, which helped her be nominated among the hottest celebs by America’s ‘Shape’ magazine in 2007.

This striking beauty attributes her curvaceous and hourglass figure to her daily routine workout as well as her healthy and nutritious diet plan. Here below are the rules in which her diet is based on:

  • Consuming a hearty breakfast ( cheese, eggs and sandwich bacon).
  • Finding your own choice.
  • Loving your body curves.
  • Consuming meals prepared at home.
  • Knowing your priorities.
  • Learning from friends as well.
  • Being able to deal with body changes.
  • Being focused on your goal.
  • Stable time schedule.

Jaime always makes sure she has a healthy diet at hand with dense nutritious foods. Her diet is of a high protein content like grilled fish, chicken breasts and eggs, lots of green salads, lean meats and fruits. She reveals to have replaced coffee and soda with drinking a lot of water. She also cooks her favorite only once every week to reduce all the temptations and cravings from yum foods.

Having a strong belief that accumulated surplus fats in the body can be done away with through detox diet plan, she has embarked on a diet called ‘the cabbage soup diet program’ in which she reveals to take cabbage soup for 6 days and 8 bananas once a day during the same period. During this diet, she explains to take cabbage soup 3-4 times every day. She has used this kind of diet to eliminate several pounds from her body.

Along with the diet program, she has a routine workout plan that helps shape her body as well. This routine, as she explains, includes kickboxing, hiking, horseback riding and swimming. She also includes proper exercising of the body, that is, Pilates, yoga and training strength and movement stability. Under the strict supervision of her trainer Garrett Warren, she usually practice for two hours a day and five times each week. These workout are mainly geared towards burning more pounds from both her inner and outer thighs.

Jaime also reveals that she does not find weird and tough yoga poses very appealing and hence tries not to perform lots of them. She therefore recommends simple strict routines rather than vigorous ones for effective acquisition of a physical, emotional and general well being of the body.