Jared Leto Workout Routine


Jared Leto Workout Routine

Jared Leto Workout Routine

[ads1 id=”alignright”]Jared Leto is probably one of the busiest celebrities in Hollywood at the moment. Apart from acting and winning a Golden Globe and an Oscar just last year, Jared is also the lead vocalist of the rock band ’30 Seconds to Mars’.

This makes it impossible not to wonder how he is able to look so youthful and be in such good shape at all times.

Without a doubt, it is more than likely that Jared does not frequent the gym all that often, but he still has his own inventive workout routine, or rather routines, which he credits for his never-aging good looks and athletic, muscular physique.

There is also no doubt that Jared is quite a perseverant individual, considering the drastic bodily transformations he has undergone throughout the years, from being overweight for ‘Chapter 27’ to becoming extremely skinny for ‘Dallas Buyers Club’.

Calisthenics, cycling, hiking and yoga workouts are a major part of his daily routine, which he undergoes in order to look as boyishly handsome as he does.

According to Jared himself, he is fond of being outdoors, surrounded by nature, crawling “through the brush.” He even describes himself as “pretty adventurous” when it comes to hiking.

When it comes to his own fitness, Jared Leto’s workout routine is not really focused on enabling him to bulk up with muscles, rather it revolves around helping him gain the high definition physique that he currently sports.

No wonder there are rumors that the distance he often covers while riding a bicycle can be compared to that of the Ironman Triathlon. That obviously sounds rather tough, but Jared’s fit, lean and muscular body is proof of the results.

Of course, Jared Leto also claims that part of the reason he looks so fit and young is his vegan diet, which is something that even health and fitness experts will agree with. Regardless, his workout routine, which predominantly consists of lengthy, eve uphill cycling and yoga workouts, has plays a major role in helping Jared Leto stay in good shape.

Whatever his secret is, few people can deny that Jared Leto is currently one of the most attractive actors in Hollywood, so whatever his routine may be, he should definitely keep at it.