Jennifer Love Hewitt Diet Plan

Jennifer Love Hewitt Diet Plan

Jennifer Love Hewitt Diet Plan

[ads1 id=”alignright”]The amazingly good looking Jennifer Love Hewitt doesn’t seem to be affected by growing older one bit.

As a matter of fact, some have said that Jennifer looks just as good now as she did 10 years ago, if not better.

One of the reasons behind her everlasting good looks is her diet plan, a diet plan which she follows to the letter.

First of all, Jennifer is a firm believer in eating fresh food, which is why she doesn’t pack her fridge full at any time. She mostly eats food that she buys on a daily basis, and encourages people to do the same.

She actually visits the supermarket every day according to sources close to the actress, an activity she derives some amount of enjoyment from.

Furthermore, Jennifer Love Hewitt is a very big fan of eating salads daily. It is not only good for her cholesterol levels, but it also helps with her digestion, prevents constipation, and provides a rich source of fiber.

She couldn’t say exactly when she started eating salads on a daily basis, but it was quite a few years ago according to her. When eating salads, you actually gain ‘smart fats’ into your system, without slowing down the digestion process in any way.

The Routine

  • Jennifer Love Hewitt starts her morning with a cup of tea with half a spoon of sugar. Her breakfast consists of oats, skimmed milk, and a fruit.
  • Throughout the day, she also indulges in easy snacks, yet she is extremely careful not to go overboard with them.
  • In the afternoon, Jennifer eats a meal composed of whole wheat chapati, brown rice, veggies, and green salad.
  • Her evening snack usually contains tea / coffee, and some dry fruits.
  • For dinner, Jennifer eats tomato or mix veg soup, sprouted grains, and a salad.

Last but not least, Jennifer Love Hewitt goes to the gym as often as possible, where she does a lot of weight training and cardio. She also plays tennis or does aerobics in her spare time, which explains why she looks so healthy and fit.