KeKe Palmer Diet Plan


[ads1 id=”alignright”]The beautiful KeKe Palmer is naturally slender and curvy, no doubt about it.

However, she does put a lot of work into maintaining her figure, starting from a well-balanced diet plan and a rigorous workout routine.

We should start off by pointing out her positive attitude towards food in general and her willingness to only eat wholesome foods.

She is quite religious when it comes to her eating habits, convinced that people should only eat enough to satisfy your God given need.

She doesn’t believe in excess and she certainly doesn’t approve the way some people eat food as a hobby or a past time. Keke believes in the power of moderation, especially when it comes to one’s eating habits.

Low Carb Diet

KeKe Palmer follows a low carb diet based on green veggies, nuts, grains, and lean protein. Having suffered from the impacts of high carb foods in the past, she is extremely careful with what she eats nowadays, and how often she does it.

For instance, Keke’s breakfast contains a protein shake, her lunch contains steak salad with black beans, and her dinner involves some sort of dish based on chicken. Between meals, she sometimes eats snacks like Granola bars and pistachios.

Regular Workouts

No matter how strict your diet plan may be, you’ll never achieve a fit body figure without a proper workout routine. Keke spends a lot of time at the gym, and her sweet abs are proof enough of how serious she is about her workouts.

Her regular workout routine involves around thirty minutes of squats, cardio, and abs exercises every day.

She also enjoys dancing and doing fitness exercises whenever she has the time, and you can see just by looking at her how much of an impact they have on her lean body.