Jessica Biel Beauty Routine

Jessica Biel Beauty Routine

[ads1 id=”alignright”]The beautiful Jessica Biel does a very good job at keeping her skin looking good in spite of all the work she does and how much she travels on a regular basis.

Talking about it, Jessica said that she doesn’t really feel comfortable wearing the makeup other people choose for her, especially when filming a movie she has no creative control over.

Even so, she does manage to maintain a fairly simple makeup routine that involves mascara, blotting papers, and peach lip gloss among a few equally important cosmetics.

Jessica says that she sometimes tucks a tube of peach gloss in her purse just in case. She does trust her makeup artist to apply dark lipstick but if she gets nervous about reapplying it, she will just use gloss instead.

Interestingly enough, Jessica has a multitude of small routines she abides by when it comes to her beauty routine and maintaining a proper look. For instance,

For instance, she often wears tissue paper under her armpits so that she won’t soil the delicate dress fabric whenever she goes to premieres or awards shows.

It also has to be said that Jessica Biel has an amazing figure which she owes not only to genetics but to careful dieting and a good workout routine. At the same time, she is careful to always get enough sleep, to drink lots of water, and to stay away from alcohol.

Questioned about her eating habits, Jessica said that she often goes to restaurants that specialize in organic vegan cuisine. Not only that, but she also tries to eat as healthy as possible back at home where she stays away from anything that she doesn’t cook herself.

We should also point out that Jessica Biel does a lot of Yoga as part of her workout routine. She claims that Yoga is a constant for her because it keeps her muscles long and flexible while maintaining her lean good looks.

Last but not least, Jessica hates dyeing her hair and prefers her natural brunette hair color instead. Even so, her movie roles sometimes require her to change her hair color for the job, which she does without protest.

However, she would very much prefer maintaining her natural hair color so as to not endanger her hair’s health any further.