Kari Byron Breast Implants Plastic Surgery Before and After

[ads1 id=”alignright”]No one ever said that plastic surgery was limited to Hollywood celebrities and pop stars.

Plastic surgery has apparently also been embraced by TV personalities to improve their appearance on camera, and Kari Byron is suspected of being one of them.

For those who do not happen to be science geeks, Kari Byron has been a long-time member of the cast of Discovery Channel’s Mythbusters.

Unlike Hollywood celebrities, Kari Byron has always been known for maintaining a low profile and has always preferred that her life stays private. Speculations that Kari may have gone under the knife have even been deemed misplaced by her fans who continued to defend Kari throughout the ordeal.

They believe that Kari Byron is not the kind of person who would undergo plastic surgery, but her physical features, especially her breasts, do tend to stand out.

In fact, Kari Byron’s cup size has increased considerably in recent years, which has stirred rumors that she may have gotten breast implants. People began speculating after they noticed a considerable increase in her boobs in Kari’s recent television appearances.

Those who take a look at older photos of Kari Byron will probably agree that her breasts are now thrice as large. You might be wondering what the real reason is behind this increase in Kari’s bust size.

Kari Byron Breast Implants Plastic Surgery Before and After

Kari Byron Breast Implants Plastic Surgery Before and After

Since the growth in Kari Byron’s breast size has not been under professional scrutiny, her fans have defended her claiming that breasts have tripled in size because of childbirth. Indeed, Kari had given birth not so long ago and she had also gained a lot of weight during her pregnancy, which is managed to lose soon after.

Outrageously enough, some critics have even accused Kari of having undergone breast augmentation during the pregnancy period, which does indeed seem a little extreme.

Considering the fact that lactating mothers do indeed experience growth in their breasts, the same could be the case with Kari Byron as well. Since her larger breasts had been noticed around and after her pregnancy period, it is likely that her larger boobs are due to childbirth.