Kelly Osbourne’s Workout Routine

Kelly Osbourne's Workout Routine

Kelly Osbourne’s Workout Routine

[ads1 id=”alignright”]Kelly Osbourne is the perfect example of what happens when you follow your workout routine by the letter.

We should probably start off by saying that Kelly Osbourne wasn’t always a looker, or at least not in the way beauty magazines portray beautiful women. Regardless, Kelly has always been fairly talented and extremely popular, so no worries there.

Despite her being a bit chubby while growing up, she always received her fair share of appreciation regardless of how she looked. Still one day she decided to get in the best shape of her life, and started a rigorous workout routine that she followed to the letter.

Kelly also had her issues with alcohol and substance abuse not so long ago, but she has been a lot better ever since going to rehab. Even though she drew the short end of the stick at the genetic lottery, she still managed to overcome her shortcomings and come out on top as a lean and healthy woman. For instance, before going through with the workout, Kelly has never worn a bikini in her entire life. Ever since the weight loss however, Kelly wears plenty of tight waist dresses and swimsuits.

Her trainer Sarah says that Kelly didn’t focus on just a few muscle exercises during her workout, but a few heavy ones as well. For instance, Kelly did a lot of Power Plate and bosu training, as well as cardio amalgamated exercises. Before the actual exercises, Kelly went through about 15 minutes of cardio. This involved light exercises, jogging, and treadmills. As part of the routine, she would sometimes repeat these exercises by incorporating them into her overall routine.

She would normally start the day with cardio, yoga, pilates, and weights. She did this with extreme intensity, as she had more than a few complexions about her weight. Thanks to her sustained effort, she managed to cut down more than two inches from her waist, and made her limbs stronger. She would also perform light exercises during her spare time. By the time she finished her workout regime, she looked good enough to appear on the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine, which is exactly what she did.

Despite the fact that she doesn’t really follow any special diet plans, her intense workouts helped her achieve an amazing body within a relatively short period of time. During which time, Kelly only ate when she was absolutely hungry, even though she never missed a breakfast. One of the key elements of her diet during the weight loss plan was water. She would drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water throughout the day, and almost never consumed fast food. Above all, Kelly says that she would often look at herself in the mirror, and this was enough to give her the strength to keep going.