Lady Gaga’s Duality: How She is in Real Life

Lady Gaga's Duality How She is in Real Life

Lady Gaga

[ads1 id=”alignright”]Lady Gaga is known throughout the world for her onstage antics and eccentric clothes. It seems that very time she releases a new video or poses for a photo shoot, she gets people talking about her persona. When we say persona we mean Lady Gaga, and all that she has become.

By her real name Stefani Germanotta, she was always extremely passionate about her music, but she never reached her potential until she created Lady Gaga.

Most people are unaware of how ‘normal’ Lady Gaga is when she isn’t performing. As a matter of fact, she has been nicknamed ‘Lady Dull Dull’ by her your crew, as she is extremely dull in real life.

Because of the fact that Lady Gaga has become a very recognizable and profitable trademark of Stefani’s music, she has no intention of dropping the persona any time soon. In fact, we would be safe to assume that most of Lady Gaga’s appeal comes not from her music alone, but from her eccentric and outlandish behavior on stage.

Lady Gaga’s fans don’t want to hear about how dull Stefani is in her personal life, as most of them are attracted to what Lady Gaga has become. The artist herself said in an interview that she would never face her fans as Stefani, no matter what the circumstances were.

This image of unconventional and rebellious Gaga is exactly what brings people in front of the stage, and is exactly what sells albums in the long run. Nobody wants to hear about Stefani and how she dresses in sweat pants and baseball caps when relaxing in the privacy of her own home.

As a matter of fact, Lady Gaga’s boyfriend has made it pretty clear that he won’t tolerate the ‘Gaga’ alter-ego anywhere near him, and for the most part things have been going well for the young couple.

This came after Stefani started living through her Gaga character all day everyday, which was annoying her friends and family who didn’t take kindly to her changing her ways.

Lately, however, Stefani got her feet both on the ground, and has even taken the time to help out her dad and his restaurant by working in the kitchen. This being said, people shouldn’t be surprised when they run into Stefani Germanotta on the street, and she behaves like a normal human being.