A Glimpse into the World of Elle Fanning

A Glimps into the World of Elle Fanning

Elle Fanning

[ads1 id=”alignright”]Mary Elle Fanning started acting at the tender age of 3, when she played a younger version of her sister Dakota in the film ‘I Am Sam’. This would soon become a trend for young Elle, as she would play younger Dakota again in ‘TAKEN’ TV mini-series, 2002.

Her first independent break came in 2003 when she played Jamie in the movie ‘Daddy Day Care’, a role that introduced her to stardom. Ever since those days, Elle has been playing emotionally charged roles, which would later become a trademark of her acting style.

Elle’s career has always been tied to her sister’s Dakota. So tied actually, that she would sometimes play the role of a baby in movies featuring Dakota during her toddler years. Elle attended her first Hollywood premier when she was just 3 years old, which is understandable considering that she wanted to be an actress for as long as she can remember.

While on the subject, Elle would sometimes dress as Marilyn Monroe for Halloween, a look that she pulled off quite well actually. As a matter of fact, Elle has pictures of Marilyn Monroe and Regis Philbin in her room, both being people Elle speaks highly of.One time, her grandmother spent $600 at an auction buying an old cream container that belonged to Marilyn.

As a kid, Elle was homeschooled until 2007 by her grandmother Mary Jane Arrington. That was the year in which Elle started attending a private school in Los Angeles. Studying was never a problem for her, as she has always been eager to learn new things. For instance, she takes private voice lessons, as well as dancing lessons to better herself personally and professionally. From this point of view, Elle is a true perfectionist. As a matter of fact, Elle herself said on various occasions that she prefers to take roles that are challenging and different, roles she chooses together with her mother, who is a very big influence in Elle’s life.

Elle also has a fascination with vintage items and clothes. This might have something to do with her admiration for old movie stars and old things in general. In some ways, Elle is pretty old fashioned herself. For instance, she enjoys horse riding, and she even owns a horse. Her sister Dakota, also owns a horse named Goldie. For the most part, the Fanning sisters are very close to each other, and Elle even says that her older sister Dakota is one of her favorite actresses.

Since she was a small child, Elle has been struggling with bad eyesight.

Throughout recent years, Elle has been wearing glasses at all times, except of course, when she is filming a movie. She says that she enjoys wearing glasses, and has 2 favorite pairs that she takes with her wherever she goes. Her poor eyesight doesn’t seem to affect her ability to draw however, as Elle has become quite good at drawing over the years.