Michelle Pfeiffer Facelift Plastic Surgery Before and After

[ads1 id=”alignright”]There have been rumors that Michelle Pfeiffer may have had a nose job early in her career, as a result of which her nose became more pinched and thinner than it had been before.

Similarly, there have also been rumors that she may have also had cheek implants and upper lip augmentation as well. There have also been rumors that Michelle Pfeiffer, who is 56 years old and ageing, may also gotten Botox injected into her forehead.

The rumor that she had a facelift however, seems to be the most genuine of all. As a matter of fact, her facelift seems pretty obvious when comparing pictures of her today with pictures of her younger self.

However, according to Michelle herself, she has never been under the knife and even at the age of 56, she is apparently still not ready to go under the knife just yet. At least based on what Michelle claims, she is welcoming aging.

At the same time, she also claims that she does favor plastic surgery because the ageing women of today are under “a lot of real pressure.” She admits that she may get plastic surgery if some day she cannot bear her ageing appearance.

Michelle Pfeiffer Facelift Plastic Surgery Before and After

Michelle Pfeiffer Facelift Plastic Surgery Before and After

Nonetheless, it may make many of her admirers and the readers here wonder how exactly her forehead does not have a trace of wrinkles. Obviously, this is a sign that she probably gets Botox or perhaps Restylane injections. Similarly, the bridge of her nose has certainly been thinner, compared to her nose in her older photos, which points to a possible nose job.

Nonetheless, there is certainly no chance that Michelle Pfeiffer may have had breast augmentation since she definitely has visibly small breasts, something which she has admitted herself.

She has mentioned that some woman apparently praised her serving as an inspiration by not following in the footsteps of other Hollywood actresses who jump into getting breast implants. Apparently, Michelle made this woman feel “really good” and “sexy” about her own small breasts.

It would be false to deny that there is not at least some possibility that Michelle Pfeiffer may have gone under the knife. Nonetheless, it is worth applauding that she has never gotten her bust size altered over the course of her long career. Even if she may have had plastic surgery, she surely looks beautiful and sexy for her age.