Nina Dobrev Workout Routine

Nina Dobrev Workout Routine

Nina Dobrev Workout Routine

[ads1 id=”alignright”]According to Nina Dobrev, working out makes her feel accomplished, confident and happy.

Back in high school, Nina used to play volleyball, which she still plays just to “break a sweat” whenever she visits the beach.

Nina, who is the star of CW’s The Vampire Diaries, has a hot, super-strong body, which is a testament to her workout routine.

The 22-year old Nina is genuinely enthusiastic about her workouts. Rather than sticking to a hardcore gym routine, day in and day out, Nina prefers to indulge in fun activities that leave her sweating.

Not only is Nina obsessed with hot yoga, she even got her co-stars Michael Trevino and Zach Roerig inspired enough to give it a try as well. According to her, hot yoga can give quite a workout and can make a person sweat a lot.

Nina was once a competitive gymnast too. Being the tomboy that she was, she got into sports, such as snowboarding and wakeboarding, thanks to her brother. This is why working out has become somewhat of a fun routine for her and she never realizes that she is actually working out.

Nina Dobrev had spent the four months before the end of 2012 eating only vegetarian food. Unfortunately, it did not work for her because she began feeling weak and even viewers of The Vampire Diaries started noticing that she had become too thin.

Moreover, Nina does not believe in trying diets, nor is she fond of people who count calories and talk too much about how much they eat.

Nina believes that a person’s mood is affected when they limit themselves in the things they eat. She claims that when people do not eat the things they want to eat, they can become a “nightmare” to be around. Nina always has an apple in her purse while in the glove box of her car, she always has a Luna Bar in case she gets hungry.

Nina exercises four days a week, and she also runs in her solo time. Apparently,having fun while working out is essential for Nina, and good for her as long as it suits her style.