Nicole Kidman Workout Routine

Nicole Kidman Workout Routine

Nicole Kidman Workout Routine

[ads1 id=”alignright”]Nicole Kidman has claimed that she enjoys “good food” and that she eats “a little bit of everything,” and despite being in her late forties, she looks quite curvy and fit as any gorgeous woman should.

In fact, she still looks as slim yet curvy as she did when she had starred in ‘Moulin Rouge!’ all those years ago.

It seems that Nicole Kidman’s workout routine commences in West Hollywood with her handsome hunk of a personal trainer, with whom she takes spinning classes.

Nicole Kidman has described her family as a “marathon running family.” She claims that running has been a part of her life ever since she was a little girl. She admits that she goes off running in Nashville, even into the woods, while listening to music. She claims that she has also enjoyed running on the beach of Sydney.

Nicole Kidman has also expressed her love for spinning, or stationary cycling. She even wishes to host her own charity/fundraiser cycling event. Apparently, she got the idea while running.

Nicole Kidman also does yoga, especially ashtanga yoga, while she is also fond of vinyasa yoga as well. However, she goes to yoga classes rather than doing it at home because she is just not fond of it that way.

She claims that yoga is “very good” for anyone who runs, as it provided her with a lot of comfort over the years. She even claims that yoga is better for those who are aging since it is not a high impact workout.

Although not exactly a workout, but Nicole Kidman has also been mediating ever since she was a teenager. She still mediates almost every day for at least 20 minutes twice a day.

Nicole has also revealed that tennis is also included in her regular workout routine. Thus, the fact of the matter is that Nicole Kidman’s workout routine is quite diverse, nearly as diverse as her taste in workout music, and perhaps it is this diversity that whips her into shape.