Olivia Munn Diet Plan

Olivia Munn Diet Plan

Those of you who have been paying attention to Olivia Munn throughout the years will know just how amazing her figure has always been.

Needless to say, Olivia owes her great figure to lots of hard work and a healthy diet plan we will soon talk about.

It may be true that she appears to put in an extra amount of work while shooting a new movie, but she has always adhered to a healthy lifestyle over the years.

First of all, Olivia runs her diet plan according to the 80-20 rule which states that a person should eat healthy foods 80 percent of the time and indulge in unhealthy foods the other 20 percent of the time.

This being said, she likes to incorporate fruits and vegetables in most of her meals, which account for what she eats 80% of the time. Even so, she rarely ever eats unhealthy dishes, not even when she’s eating out.

Also worth mentioning is the fact that she likes to blend fruits and drink healthy smoothies, a practice many celebs abide by. At the same time, she stays away from complex carbs and focuses on eating foods like wild rice, sweet potatoes, and quinoa instead.

Olivia also works out on a daily basis, workouts she compliments with carefully planned meals which usually involve lots of vegetables. Furthermore, Olivia does her best to stay hydrated at all times and advises her fans to do the same.

As a matter of fact, Olivia rarely drifts astray from her standard diet plan if she can help it because, in all fairness, she doesn’t appear to be drawn to unhealthy dishes all that much. She may, occasionally eat a few sweets and whatnot, yet nowhere nearly enough as to take a toll on her figure.

All things considered, Olivia isn’t necessarily compelled to eat healthy by her workout routine because she actually enjoys eating healthy at all times. In fact, she has been sticking to eating organically for years now, a practice she swears by every chance she gets.

After all, you don’t get a body as nice as hers without putting a lot of effort into maintaining it every single day, which is exactly the type of disciplined outlook Olivia has when it comes to her diet plan.