Taylor Swift Beauty Routine

Taylor Swift Beauty Routine

Taylor Swift Beauty Routine

[ads1 id=”alignright”]Just because she is a highly successful country singer does not mean that Taylor Swift spends her free time partying. Considering the fact that she runs for an hour every day and sticks to a healthy diet, no wonder Taylor is a 5” 11’ beauty.

Although Taylor is not obsessed about dieting and exercising, she claims that she prioritizes her emotional and physical well-being.

According to her, one of the biggest reasons that she is always so happy is because she takes care of her health, but that most likely also the reason she is so beautiful.

Of course, Taylor has her very own beauty secrets, many of which she has probably picked up from her various make-up artists and stylists.

Taylor has naturally curly hair and although she uses a curling iron, she refrains from the use of hair products like a mousse for fear that her hair might become “crunchy.” Whenever putting on lipstick, Taylor puts it on and then uses a tissue to blot it. Then she applies some powder on her lips using the same tissue and re-applies the lipstick. According to her, the lipstick lasts much longer this way.

Again, Taylor has naturally pale skin and has never wished to tan it. Taylor actually likes the fact that she is pale. Whenever she is out in the sun, she is always wearing sunscreen. When it comes to keeping her skin clean and fresh, Taylor actually makes use of whatever is available. She typically buys facial scrubs and makeup removal pads from the drug store. Every morning, she also puts on night cream regularly before putting on her makeup, and again before going to bed at night.

Perhaps another reason behind Taylor Swift’s striking beauty is the fact that she drinks a lot of liquids during the week. Moreover, she also maintains a positive attitude and stays upbeat. So, apparently her beauty secrets and good habits contribute to her good looks.