10 Things You Didn’t Know About Avril Lavigne

Ten Things You Didn't Know About Avril Lavigne

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Avril Lavigne

[ads1 id=”alignright”]Ever since her mother discovered her talent for singing at the tender age of 2, Avril Lavigne has been destined to shine under the stage lights.

It has been more than a decade since Avril made her debut on the music scene, and she enjoyed her fair deal of success since. There are many differences between the Avril of today and the energetic young girl that won as over all those many years ago.

Now some people might not be aware that change has always been a part of Avril’s life, even before she became famous.

1. She originally wanted to be a country singer

Avril always knew she was destined for greatness, but didn’t actually knew how she would achieve it until after the beginning of her musical career. At first, she focused her music on country and folk music, but successfully transitioned into her current punk-rock style as soon as she realized there was a market for it.

2. She absolutely loves pizza

Many people say they love pizza, when in reality, they would settle for cooked food 9 times out of 10. Avril on the other hand, adores pizza and cannot get enough of it. She is known to have passed the opportunity to go to fancy restaurants with her boyfriends over the years, just so they could go to a pizza place.

3. She taught herself how to play the guitar

Most people go through some sort of learning process when picking up an instrument, well not Avril. She taught herself how to play the guitar when she was only 12 years old and has been doing it ever since.

4. She got hit in the face in a bar fight

In all fairness, it wasn’t her fault. The guy she was seeing at the time, Brody Jenner, got in a fight with some people at the bar, but it was Avril who got the shorter end of the stick by getting punched in the face during the fallout. Oh well, whatever doesn’t kill you…

5. She once gave her fans the impression that she was pregnant

The year was 2008, and people saw Avril shopping for baby clothes at a local store. As soon as the story hit the papers, people started talking about who the potential father could have been, all fingers pointing towards Avril’s boyfriend at the time Deryck Whibley.

6. She writes songs when she’s angry or in love

Avril once said that she finds it much easier to write songs when she’s perturbed about things that are happening in her personal life. For instance, some of her best hits were written while she was angry or emotional about the people she was seeing at the time.

7. She admits to being a drama queen

Hate it or love it, Avril’s ever changing mood got her into some really sticky situations in life. Those who know her well say that Avril is an emotional rollercoaster, but wouldn’t love her any other way.

8. She sometimes gives bad advice

For example, she once said during an interview that people shouldn’t smoke because it’s bad for them…except when they’re drunk. In all fairness, Avril isn’t exactly known for her wisdom, but her fans love her just the way she is.

9. She doesn’t exercise

Some people are blessed with an amazing metabolism, and do not have to work out or keep a healthy diet in order to maintain their appearance. Avril is one of those people, and even said that she cannot remember a time in her life when she had to be careful with what she eats.

10. She cares about other people than herself

Some people might not know this, but Avril doesn’t miss any opportunity to involve herself with charity organizations such as war Child, Amnesty International, and the Make a Wish foundation.