Jennifer Lawrence Diet Plan for The Hunger Games

Jennifer Lawrence Diet Plan for The Hunger Games

Jennifer Lawrence Diet Plan for The Hunger Games

[ads1 id=”alignright”]This beautiful young actress is taking the world by storm. Already renowned throughout the world for her role in The Hunger Games, Jennifer confessed what her diet plan was while preparing for the role that made her an international celebrity.

In order for her to look at her very best on screen, Jennifer opted for a special diet based on consistency and careful calorie intake.

Of course, genetics may have had something to do with the overall results, but for the most part, Jennifer swears that it was her diet plan and her workout routine that gave her the body we all admired while watching the movie.

It all starts with the understanding that calorie intake is extremely important. So instead of focusing on specific dishes, Jennifer had to optimize her calorie intake to create a balance. She did this by choosing foods based on what she liked, while maximizing the efficiency of her calorie intake. Probably the most important thing to remember when going for such a diet, is to register a larger carbohydrates intake instead of fats. Jennifer’s normal day-to-day diet involves a massive protein intake combined with exercising, so this was somehow different.

The main point of focus wasn’t the diet, but building and maintaining a healthy body. This doesn’t mean a bulk, nor a lean body, so a good balance of regular foods was supposed to be enough for her. In all fairness, Jennifer prefers fresh vegetables and fruits as part of her daily meals anyway, so there weren’t any ‘special’ foods to be considered at all. She would say that she has a more retrogressive approach when it comes to shape streamlining, which is understandable if you look at her.

One of the most important aspects of dieting is to never ignore or underestimate the importance of beverages and liquids in general. For instance, sugary drinks like orange juice, tea, and coffee, contain quite a lot more calories than junk foods. It was for this reason that Jennifer relied on plain water to remain hydrated, although she would sometimes supplement her protein intake with fish meat. Last but not least, consistency played a big part in the outcome of Jennifer’s diet, as she had to follow strict diet regulations.


All things considered, Jennifer Lawrence did a wonderful job at following her diet plan to the letter. She not only adhered to the diet regulations and stipulated exercises according to plan, but she did so with conviction. The overall diet plan was simple by design but it wouldn’t have been half as efficient as it was if Jennifer wouldn’t have followed it to the letter. In fact, no matter how good her understanding of the diet plan was, it was her intensive exercising and healthy lifestyle that did the trick in the end.