Alexandra Daddario Beauty Routine

Alexandra Daddario Beauty Routine

Alexandra Daddario Beauty Routine

[ads1 id=”alignright”]Alexandra Daddario has become famous for her role as AnnaBeth in the Percy Jackson films.

Back when she had starred in True Detective, she had even appeared nude onscreen, so those who fortunate enough to have watched her know that she is a stunningly beautiful woman.

It is not her striking bluish grey eyes, but also her milky, porcelain-like fair and glowing skin that add to her unfathomable beauty and obviously, she has her own beauty routine too.

According to Alexandra Daddario, her skin glows because she uses “a lot of organic green products.” Among these products, the Body Deli line or organic products, in particular, happen to be her favorite.

She claims that using these products somewhat feels like putting salad on the skin. She also praises the moisturizers that they make. Their moisturizer is apparently plant-based, and Alexandra claims that it is edible too, or at least that is what the “woman in the store” told her.

Apparently, Alexandra may have actually tried eating the moisturizer because she admits that it “doesn’t taste good.” We don’t really know what to make of this, so we won’t even try to.

Alexandra Daddario also has her own beauty tricks. For instance, in order to take off her makeup, she uses some olive oil. She claims that it prevents the need to pull at the eyes when removing makeup, making a “huge difference” in that area. She also finds it cheap, and apparently olive oil is always present in her kitchen.

According to Alexandra Daddario, the nightly use of an eye cream and moisturizer is also included in beauty routine, while she also claims that she never goes to bed with makeup on. The fact that she does not smoke is apparently another reason behind Alexandra Daddario’s glowing skin.

Alexandra Daddario also claims that she avoids beauty products like mascara and/or lipstick when she is in a hurry, instead just using a lip balm and simple toner, such as Burt’s Bee’s toner. Considering how remarkable Alexandra Daddario’s skin looks, especially from up-close, it should become obvious that her beauty routine and beauty tricks are definitely working.