Alicia Vikander Beauty Routine

Alicia Vikander Beauty Routine

[ads1 id=”alignright”]The talented Alicia Vikander has taken Hollywood by storm, with almost every appearance of hers on film being a massive success over these past few years.

Along with being incredibly versatile, the Swedish actress is also one of the most beautiful actresses in the business at this point in time.

Her good looks aren’t just the result of good genetics, mind you, but the result of quite a rigorous beauty regimen that also involves a fairly strict diet plan and an equally intensive workout routine.

First things first, Alicia’s daily makeup routine involves a bit of moisturizer and an eyebrow pencil, preferring not to go overboard with either of them. To be more precise, she mostly uses Brow Lift eyebrow pencil and Charlotte’s Magic Cream moisturizer which she swears by.

Interestingly enough, Alicia also wears a defense skin ointment called Hudsalva that was developed by the military to have multiple purposes. As it turns out, it can also hydrate the skin and lips without any side effects to speak of.

At the same time, we should point out that she doesn’t like perfectly groomed brows and never had. For that subtle, rough brows she seems to like so much, she uses RMS Living Luminizer, a product she has been using for years now with great results.

Also worth mentioning is that she gets her perfect glowing skin by using an eye mask and by properly hydrating her skin at all times. When possible, she also uses a highlighting balm to give the skin a natural glow, although she only uses the balm before attending events where she is expected to pose for the photographers.

Alicia is also a big fan of wearing as little makeup as possible, being of the opinion that sometimes less is better than more, especially when it comes to applying heavy makeup that sometimes gives the wearer an almost plastic look.

Last but not least, it should also be said that Alicia wears little to no makeup in her day to day life, preferring to reserve the use of makeup for when she has to work. She even said in a recent interview that she finds herself using less and less makeup as she gets older.