Amanda Seyfried’s Workout for “In Time” Movie

Amanda Seyfried's Workout for "In Time" Movie

Amanda Seyfried’s Workout for “In Time” Movie

[ads1 id=”alignright”]In Time was a good enough movie to warrant some pretty good reviews from critics, and the fact that most of the actors were fit certainly had something to do with it.

Amanda is no stranger to being in films with attractive actors, as most of her on-screen partners over the years have been extraordinarily handsome.

This is exactly the case with ‘In Time’, a movie in which she teams up with Justin Timberlake as they try to save the world or something like it. In this movie, Amanda had to look at her best at all times, so her fitness level was supposed to be of the highest standard.

In order to achieve the perfect lean body required for her role as Sylvia Weis, Amanda had to get professional help. In this case, she hired celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak. Harley is well known at this point for working with many celebrities, and pulling off extraordinary results with some of his former clients. From what we understand, Pasternak had some pretty good ideas about the appropriate course of action, and Amanda played her part to the letter.

First of all, they decided to use Pasternak’s 5-factor program. This training regime focuses on a five meals a day system, meals that have to contain specific low-fat proteins, fibers, fats, and carbohydrates. What’s great about Pasternak’s program is that it gives people the opportunity to take a day off from the regime, a day in which they can pretty much eat whatever they like. It seems that this is the part Amanda was really enthusiastic about, and who can blame her?

Pasternak’s 5-factor program works best in tandem with his 5-factor workout routine. This routine revolves around a technique called ‘supersetting’, a technique that involves two sets of exercises one after another, without taking any time off to rest. Although it seems damaging at first, this technique actually makes the sessions shorter, while making them more intense at the same time. By doing this, Amanda’s heart rate was kept higher than normal over a longer period of time, thus helping the body burn out more calories.