Amy Adams Workout Routine

Amy Adams Workout Routine

Amy Adams Workout Routine

[ads1 id=”alignright”]Amy Adams has been quite busy these past few years, starring in films like “Her” and the sequel of “Man of Steel” among other equally interesting projects.

She was also nominated for an Oscar not long ago and won a Golden Globe as well.

However, it is not merely her busy filming schedule that has whipped her into shape; rather her workout routine has also played a more major role in her fit and slim appearance.

Apart from her prosperous career, Amy Adams has quite a healthy and hot body despite being in her forties. Along with working out with her personal trainers, including Jason Walsh and Tracy Anderson, Amy Adams has also been fond of the S Factor workout since 2010, which was inspired from the exotic dancing of Shelia Kelley.

Back in 2010, Amy Adams had become a new mother, and looking at her presently slim figure, she had managed to successfully lose the pregnancy weight she had gained.

She credits the pole-dancing workouts and portion-controlled diet that is a part of her fitness routine. Even though she had started eating a healthy diet after her pregnancy, along with working out, she claims that she had still not been prioritizing to lose weight.

Amy Adams claims that her “rockin’ bod” is not responsible for her prosperous and successful acting career, but she simply wished to look just like she once did before her pregnancy. Amy also revealed that being super-skinny was never an aspiration for her and that she has never been in favor of “extreme starvation diets.”

Ever since losing weight after her pregnancy, Amy Adams has been following a workout routine that is based on pole-dancing and stripping routines. Apart from the fact that she takes exotic dancing classes, Amy Adams also runs on the treadmill as well.

The fact that Amy Adams managed to lose all that baby weight and regain her former slim and trim body is proof that the S Factor is quite effective.