Iggy Azalea Diet Plan

Iggy Azalea Diet Plan

Iggy Azalea Diet Plan

[ads1 id=”alignright”]Judging by her hourglass figure, it wouldn’t be hard to presume that Iggy Azalea follows a strict diet plan.

Known for her dancing skills and her entertaining persona, Iggy is definitely the type of person who lives every day to the fullest.

This is precisely why she takes an extra good care of her body with regular workouts and a well-balanced diet plan.

We should start off by saying that Iggy works out regularly, involving squats, lunges, and a lot of cardio during these routines. She is extremely careful with her calorie intake during the days she works out, even if it means drinking a couple of smoothies before each workout session. Furthermore, she often treats dancing as a regular exercise, which she should considering how tiresome dancing sessions can be.

Iggy loves super foods

When asked about her eating habits, Iggy said that she is a big fan of super foods like smoothies and various supplements. For instance, she usually has a smoothie every day during breakfast, a smoothie containing kale, organic fruits, almonds, and a variety of other healthy, organic ingredients. Also, she seems to be a big fan of wholesome and nutrient packed foods, and rightfully so considering how beneficial they are for someone living an active life like hers.

It has to be said that her workout routines play a big part in how Iggy looks, because she seems to devour fast food at every chance she gets. As a matter of fact, her good friend Ariana Grande was very surprised by how much Iggy can eat during a single meal, a meal that usually consists of delicious, not-at-all-healthy food. Still, if you’re going to work out a lot the next day and eat a lot of vegetables, then maybe it’s okay to indulge in a few tasty foods every once in a while.

She shares her healthy lifestyle with her friends

Iggy is a firm believer that a person should share whatever activities they enjoy with those around them. This is precisely why she often works out with her friends, claiming that it adds a bit of a challenge to her routine.

Speaking of challenges, a friend challenged her to a ‘thirty days’ squat’ routine recently, a challenge that Iggy accepted without a second thought. She says that it is okay for friends to push each others to their limits during their joint workout sessions, and encourages her fans to do the same.