Rita Ora Diet Plan

Rita Ora Diet Plan

[ads1 id=”alignright”]Judging by how gorgeous Rita Ora looks like, it should surprise no one to find out that she follows a relatively strict diet plan on a daily basis.

Although Rita doesn’t like starving herself out, she does put a lot of effort into staying away from unhealthy foods if she can help it.

As we are about to find out, she is very determined to maintain her lean good looks by exercising as often as she finds the time while keeping a close eye on what she eats.

The first thing to point out about Rita’s diet plan is that she starts the day by having a couple of eggs for breakfast. She will follow these eggs with the occasional smoothie, one that usually involves a diverse array of fruits.

For lunch, Rita usually eats dishes that involve chicken and salmon, which she will sometimes combine with vegetables. Also worth mentioning is that she stays away from any type of meat that contains a lot of fat and rightfully so.

At dinner, she will often eat dishes that contain truffle pasta and Broccoli pasta along with the occasional pizza. As you may have guessed, she does her best to avoid eating large meals for dinner.

When it comes to diet secrets, Rita Ora has a pretty valuable piece of advice for her fans and that is to try and cut their portions in half every once in a while. This is pretty much what Rita has been doing for as long as she can remember and it appears to be doing wonders to her silhouette.

Furthermore, Rita advises people to ease up on eating bread as much as possible, or at least to pay attention to what type of bread they’re eating. When eating fast-food, she will usually stick to the fries and the salads without any burgers or any other deep-fried dish.

Having said that, let us point out that Rita does indeed indulge in sugary fizzy drinks from time to time, which she considers her guilty pleasure. All in all, she is definitely careful with what she eats, without going as far as depriving herself of any delicious treat.