Michelle Rodriguez Workout Routine

Michelle Rodriguez Workout Routine

Michelle Rodriguez Workout Routine

[ads1 id=”alignright”]Considering the films and TV shows she has starred, Michelle Rodriguez seems to have developed quite a knack for action.

Even when she is off the set, Michelle Rodriguez, who is currently in her mid thirties, remains equally active.

Not so long ago, Michelle appeared quite buff when she was spotted outside her New York-based gym, apparently following a sweaty workout.

A few years ago, Michelle Rodriguez had to go through some “pretty gnarly” fitness training, according to the actress herself. However, it is likely that it influenced her current workout routine.

In fact, apparently Michelle Rodriguez does not even have much of a workout routine anymore. However, it is true that even when she traveling, she makes sure that she remains active.

Even though Michelle Rodriguez has been hanging out with Cara Delevingne in New York City,  as well as going with her on a European vacation even, she strives to remain as active as possible.

However, Michelle admitted to not sticking to a boring and mundane workout routine anymore. Instead, Michelle Rodriguez apparently makes use of whatever she is able to find around her. Of course, since she does visit the gym, she most likely has a lot of equipment at her disposal to remain in shape.

It is likely that Michelle Rodriguez knows how to paddleboard and has an active interest in it. Quite recently, Michelle Rodriguez was in Spain on vacation on some beach with her friends. She was quick to hop onto a board and take it to the sea in order to enjoy some paddleboarding.

As of lately, she has been displaying an even more slim and toned physique, which means that she has turned up her workout routine. Regardless of not having a workout routine per se, Michelle lives a very active lifestyle, and it shows.