Christina Hendricks Workout Routine

Christina Hendricks Workout Routine

Christina Hendricks Workout Routine

[ads1 id=”alignright”]Curvy, confident, and gorgeous, are just some of the words that can be used to describe Christina Hendricks.

One thing that makes her successful in managing to keep her trim figure is because she does not make any excuses when it comes to working out.

She does not need to be in a gym in order to exercise. She also tries to make her workouts fun, which gives her motivation to maintain an active lifestyle.

Even though she gets bored using the treadmill, she still does it. She also does strength training and there is nothing she loves more than working out using the BOSU ball. This is because she has to balance on it, and she can do weights and squats on it. She has become so good at using the BOSU ball that she compares herself to the Karate Kid. She trains with her husband, who is also her personal trainer. Christina Hendricks also makes time to hit the gym three times a week.

Her typical workout routine includes strength development and well-rounded cardio. By lifting weights, she builds her muscles and improves their tone. Her cardio routines boost her heart health and keep her feeling and looking energized. Short interval workouts are what she needs to see positive results. This is helpful because she has a busy routine, at times putting in 16 hours a day.

Hendricks’ trick for making her workouts fun is to read magazines while she is exercising. Time flies when you are having fun, and Hendricks is thankful that she is able to workout with her husband, turning a have-to into a love-to. Often times, she does not need any equipment to exercise. In her private time, such as when she is in her trailer, she does push-ups and sit-ups while reading her favorite magazines.

Until she reached the age of 19, Hendricks was a dancer. This means that she did not have to worry about getting more exercise or watching her diet. However, now she has to check what she eats, take her vitamins and accomplish her workout routines. Eating smart is her mantra and she makes soups and keeps them in her refrigerator for snacking.

Her dedication to keeping fit means that she can wear body hugging dresses and heels to her engagements, making her the center of attraction. Her body image is a healthy one because her mother raised her right. She is not self-conscious at all and her biggest secret is loving and embracing her body without any reservations.